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One thing Seattle-ites have in abundance: coffee. Living in the Seattle area, I never have to go far to get a great cuppa joe. There is even a corner in downtown where you can stand and see four Starbucks — one in each direction! In addition to all of this java goodness readily available, I have a coffee maker at home for when I can’t be bothered to walk the two blocks to my neighborhood coffee shop.

Another thing most people have in Seattle: dry, rough skin. (Thanks endless rain and wind!). Fer reals tho, my skin gets so gross during the winter and when spring finally does come, I just wanna moisturize and exfoliate til kingdom come. Here’s an awesome recipe for coffee body scrub, along with some other ways to reuse your coffee grounds at home. Did I mention that caffeine kicks cellulite to the curb and coconut is a great all-natural moisturizer? You’ll also smell ama-za-zing.

Coffee Scrub

Vanilla Latte Body Scrub

1 cup used coffee grounds

1 cup melted coconut oil

1/4 to 1/2 cup olive or jojoba oil (optional)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Mix all ingredients together and put in a container with a lid that would be good for the shower. The amount of olive oil just depends on how liquidy you want it. Keep in mind that the coconut oil will harden as it cools. I didn’t use very much coconut oil the first time I made this and it was difficult to scoop it out of the container.

2. While in the shower or bath, scoop a small amount into your palm and work it into cellulite prone areas, backs of your arms, feet — wherever you feel like you need a little extra care!

3. Note: If you use this scrub every day, this scrub could possibly clog your drain. Coffee grounds don’t dissolve like sugar or salt. I haven’t had any problems yet and I’ve been using this scrub about 2-3 times a week. If you do encounter problems, you could always use the scrub in the bathroom and let it sit on your skin for as long as you can and then brush it off with a towel.

Coffee Conditioner (for dark hair) 1. Work used coffee grounds into clean, wet hair. Massage your head like you would for shampoo for a few minutes. 2. Rinse hair thoroughly. 3. Brunettes! Not only will you get an awesome, all-natural conditioner, but you’ll also get some highlights!

FlowersGardening If you’re a gardener, coffee grounds are amazing at putting nitrogen back into the soil. Just sprinkle around your already established plants or mix them in with your seeds and plant them. Your plants will be fuller and supposedly the coffee will deter cats and certain pests from meddling with your precious plants!


Pots & Pans: If you have a cast iron skillet, you most likely know that those things are never supposed to be touched by soap. SOAP = EVIL! Instead of using your good sea salt to clean your skillet, just pour some used coffee grounds in there and scrub!

Odors: Put an open container of used coffee grounds in your fridge in lieu of baking soda and those grounds will kick those nasty smells’ butts!

Bathroom: Use the grounds for an all-natural bathtub/shower cleaner. The grounds should get rid of all the gross slime, scum or dirt. Just be careful though…the coffee could possibly stain the bathtub, depending on the material that your tub is made of. Test it out in an inconspicuous area first before cleaning the whole thing!


*Featured photo courtesy of be-cause-blog.com